PIXREVIEW - Solution


Step 1.

Ask for a photo to capture the happy moment

Step 1

Hand the euphoric customer their keys. This is the perfect time to capture upbeat, quality photos. Pixreview automatically adds your unique image-branding in the form of a custom banner on the photo-frame to ensure that everywhere this happy photo goes on the web your branding will go with it.

Step 2.

Customer agrees to a review

Step 2

Using the mobile device your customer can provide you with a powerful review in a timely fashion while they’re still in the showroom. Or, use the automatic feature on the app to email out the same review request to the customer. You can customise Pixreview to rate specific areas around your KPIs. Our records show customers will happily agree 50% of the time.

Step 3.

You can share on Social Media & your Website with one-click

Step 3

In a few clicks you can authenticates the review, and watch as it gets amplified through viral social media sharing and ties the customers happy experience to your dealership. Show website visitors more reviews by adding our Review Widget to your website. This drives enquiries and feeds your sales pipeline. An estimated 1 in 5 will visit a business directly after reading positive reviews.

Step 4.

Happy customer will also share, the new Word of Mouth

Step 4

Your branded photo reaches thousands through social media sharing. Our records show each review reaches an average of 2,000 local timelines. A strong rating can also build stronger presence on Google.

Step 5.

Reports: See how your team are performing

Step 5

Our easy to read reports deliver clear and concise information on how your team have performed in capturing customer photos and review. You can also review how many customer emails have been send versus opened. From this data you will see patterns on when best to send emails etc.

Step 6.

Stats: See how far you reached on Social Media

Step 6

The Pixreview dashboard lets you track the number and sentiment of reviews captured by social network from 1 screen. You can also track ratings for hurried or camera-shy customers. Pixreview sends an email with custom links for reviewing at a later time.