PIXREVIEW - Overview


PIXREVIEW delivers a simple process that allows the sales person to take a photograph of the handover moment, and send it to the customer via email.
PIXREVIEW will do the rest, resulting in 50% of the dealerships customers posting a review and one in three of their customers sharing the moment on their social media. This helps create the dealer’s online version of word-of-mouth.

The benefits of PIXREVIEW to the car dealer are

  • Customers will promote the dealer on social media.
  • Web-site will have current customer testimonials.
  • Testimonials will have pictures of the customer purchase.
  • Manage your reviews, get notified as soon as they appear.
  • Dashboard shown team’s performance.
  • Dashboard shown social media performance.


The PIXREVIEW dashboard will track social media activity in relation to the photo reviews. The dealer can measure the success of the handover photo and reviews through their dashboard. The photo reviews will automatically appear on the dealer’s web-site. We believes that it is so important for today’s dealer to have a review acquisition strategy in place. PIXREVIEW turns a car dealer’s customer into their brand ambassador.

PIXREVIEW’s Platform has Four Key Layers

  • Mobile Customer Review App
  • Online eMail Management and Testimonial Review Control Centre
  • Online Centralized Dashboard
  • Online Reporting System